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to improve the services we offer

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To provide you with the best academic and administrative services.


is a gift. Therefore, if you have a suggestion, complaint or compliment, let us know

Ideas are supported with suggestions

— Anonymous —

What an SQF is

SQF are the communications that you can send us through this system. There are three types of SQF:

Suggestions, complaints and compliments


This is a proposal enabling us to improve the quality of the services we offer.


This is a reflection of your dissatisfaction with the services we offer.


This is a reflection of your satisfaction with certain services we offer or with the people who provide them.

A complaint is a gift

— Barlow and Moller —

How to use the SQF system

You can send us your communication in different ways:

Web form

  • Accessible from the UPV home page by clicking on “Suggestions”
  • In the UPV entities and degrees in the section “Customer service”
Formulario SQF

App miUPV

App miUPV

  • You can send us your SQF through this mobile application
    Disponible en Google Play

When your communication arrives, the following happens:

We receive your SQF

  • Your SQF is forwarded to the recipient unit or degree program
  • The head of the unit or degree program reads the SQF

You receive a reply

  • within a maximum period of 10 business days

Improve the UPV

  • The units or degree programs take actions to correct the error, solve the problem or make improvements
  • Your SQF’s lead to continuous improvement

Some statistical data on the SQF system

percent answered within 10 days (year 2021)
day average response time (year 2021)
percent are compliments (year 2021)
over 5 average satisfaction (349 ratings in 2021)

What our users say

  • last year through the SQF System, I suggested that the Sports Center hold “Pilates” sessions during the Easter holiday , since this activity has a lot of benefits, among which include “providing oxygen to your body when sitting in your office for a long time…” I was answered quickly and informed that they had offered new groups and schedules for these dates.

    — Cristina Jordan Lluch - PDI —
  • Being a former student and member of Alumni, I had problems updating my education on my CV as a jobseeker in the Carrer and Employment office. I contacted them through the SQF System, after which they studied the case and resolved the incident by making improvements in the computer application.

    — Benito Palencia Enguídanos - former student —
  • As a user of the Sports Center I used the SQF System to complain about the lack of respect for the sign-up system by some users in relation to access to the fitness classes. In only 2 days I received a reply in which they thanked me for notifying them and informed that they had taken the necessary measures in order to avoid this behaviour. Not only did I appreciated the measures taken but also their prompt and kind reply .

    — Rosa Isela Castle Zamudio - Student —
  • Through the SQF system I was able to notify the Infrastructures service about a problem relating to the barriers at the entrance to the parking lot of building 4P. Not only did they solve the problem, but they also provided an in-depth explanation of the implementation of a system to prevent similar situations. .

    — Vicent Pla Boscá - PDI —
  • Through the SQF system, I suggested that the Sports Center revise the information they provide regarding the different levels of levels of rock-climbing groups so that it was clearer and easier to understand the distribution of schedules for the different group classes. The following day I received their reply, which was preceded by an apology indicating that they would make the information clearer, as well as their commitment to evaluate whether it was appropriate to change the distribution of classes scheduled .

    — Fernando Victor Ramos Saz - Student —


SCC System Results year 2018

SCC System Results <b><noscript><img src=

  • No. of forms sent
  • PDI 301
  • PAS 311
  • STUDENTS 636
  • TOTAL: 1221
  • ON TIME: 97.5%


SCC System Results year 2019

SCC System Results <b><noscript><img src=

  • No. of forms sent
  • PDI 237
  • PAS 360
  • STUDENTS 504
  • TOTAL: 1153
  • ON TIME: 95.4%

SCC System Results year 2020

SCC System Results <b><noscript><img src=

  • No. of forms sent
  • PDI 301
  • PAS 280
  • STUDENTS 574
  • TOTAL: 1279
  • ON TIME: 86.5%

SCC System Results year 2021

SCC System Results <b><noscript><img src=

  • No. of forms sent
  • PDI 337
  • PAS 220
  • STUDENTS 752
  • TOTAL: 1323
  • ON TIME: 92%
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    Appropriate praise promotes merit, and the lack of praise is discouraged

    — Jose Marti (1853 - 1895), Cuban politician and writer —

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    Be reminded that there is a link to the SQF system on the homepage of the UPV website (the link can be found at the bottom of the page “Suggestions…”) You can also access the form from the “Customer Service” section of the of the university services webpages and the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree webpages.

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