How to use the SQF system

You can send us your communication in different ways:

Web form

  • Accessible from the UPV home page by clicking on “Suggestions”
  • In the UPV entities and degrees in the section “Customer service”
Formulario SQF

App miUPV

App miUPV

  • You can send us your SQF through this mobile application
    Disponible en Google Play

When your communication arrives, the following happens:

We receive your SQF

  • Your SQF is forwarded to the recipient unit or degree program
  • The head of the unit or degree program reads the SQF

You receive a reply

  • within a maximum period of 10 business days

Improve the UPV

  • The units or degree programs take actions to correct the error, solve the problem or make improvements
  • Your SQF’s lead to continuous improvement

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